Science does a lot of good for humanity. Unfortunately, sometimes experiments can have some hiccups, like, say, having nightmares manifest themselves when you're awake. Adventure game The Long Reach revolves around a protagonist whose dreams and nightmares appear during the day, threatening his sanity with some grotesque imagery and heart-pumping chases.

In the town of Baervox, all hell breaks loose - or at least it looks like it. An experiment gone wrong has hallucinations feeling like reality, whether it be a happy dream or blood-curdling nightmare. It seems to be more the latter, and with enough time enduring this disease, the protagonist, Calvin, just may lose his mind. You'll be in charge of solving the puzzles he comes across or running from them, choosing how to safely deal with his unsettling fate. Players can also take a break and chat with other characters to try to gather important information or just appreciate the comradery in the collective nightmare.

Inspired by games like Lone Survivor and The Cave, The Long Reach features long, eerie side-scrolling that make you just want to stop short of discovering what lurks in the depths. Pair terror with some witty writing and you'll find yourself nervously laughing, all while wondering what travesty awaits you to balance it all out.

You can purchase The Long Reach on Steam here. You can also check out the official website, Facebook, and Twitter page!