A monster from the depths of the ocean, grand and terrible, may just get to enjoy the beauty of the surface world if you help it pluck some colorful balloons from the surface in The Majesty of Colors Remastered, a game of choice and the joys even deep sea horrors may feel.

Players will control one of the beast's tentacles, able to reach up into the surface to pluck objects from the sky, people from their ships, or a colorful balloon floating by. Players are free to choose what to interact with using their powerful colossus, and how to treat the people they see on the surface, steadily dictating the monster's personalities and desires through their actions. Depending on how they behave and their fascination with the world, as well as their kindnesses and cruelties, they will lead the story to one of the game's multiple endings.

Players who want to see the softer side of colossal creatures from deep beneath the waves may wish to stop on by and explore the gentle side of ancient horrors with The Majesty of Colors Remastered.

The Majesty of Colors Remastered is available for $2.99 on, Steam, Google Play, and the App Store. For more information on the game and Future Proof Games, You can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.