At face value, Parsnip features animal friends and a bunny protagonist on a quest for cake, looking for ingredients to make their tasty treat. Something doesn't seem quite right about the seemingly-cheery world, though. If you're ready to take a dive on something suspiciously cute, try out Parsnip and see what that little bunny is cooking up...

Don't let your guard down upon seeing the child-friendly, hand-drawn animation. Pushing such overtly positive tones, Parsnip knows how to get under players' skin while keeping them feeling like they may be overexaggerating their fear. Play as Parsnip and walk through the forest to collect ingredients from the neighbors, whether it be an alcoholic artist or a boarded up shut-in. Normal stuff for cute bunnies, right?

As players meet an array of adorable characters with...discomforting aspects to them, players may be wondering if they are in for some light-hearted fun and humour. They'll just have to work through the adventure to see, though!

If you want to feel uneasy while baking a cake, check out Parsnip and hopefully make it out in one piece.

You can get Parsnip on here! You can also check out the developer's page!