In recently released metroidvania Visual Out, an adventure awaits within the files and code of an rotting mainframe. As a rogue program, you descend deep into the operating system of this collapsing cyberspace environment, a CRT glitch-scape where bending the environment to your will is your means of uncovering the secrets of the computer and its creators.

With its glitchy flickering aesthetic and reality-tearing abilities, Visual Out cloaks its metroidvania trapping in a uniquely atmospheric vibe. Exploration and platforming all have a part in the gameplay here, with a larger focus on puzzles and using your skills like Jammer and Current to reroute energy to activate technology throughout the world.

As you travel deeper into the OS, your journey crosses paths with hidden files and questioning voice that unfolds a larger narrative related to the computer and its broken state. While Visual Out prioritizes puzzles over combat, you'll still need to face powerful bosses as well, each one offering a tricky challenge and deadly projectiles to evade and outmaneuver.

Visual Out is available for $9.99 on Steam and; for more information on the game's development and creator MadameBerry, you can check out the site here, as well as Twitter.