Woodfarer places players in control of an adventurous bird-like creature tasked with collecting three spirits spread across pretty post-apocalyptic forests. Players will be able to traverse these woods and discover interesting sights on their journey, but may have to deal with losing their way, as well as pesky foes, at the same time!

Stumbling through a large gate, the Woodfarer is tasked with finding the three spirits and returning them to the shrine. They've been kidnapped by evil forces, but luckily, the spirits you pick up aren't just good for collecting, as you can fling them at enemies to knock them aside. Getting lost can cause problems too, but using your trusty compass, you'll be able to quickly track down the spirits on the map.

Players who take the time to explore each nook and cranny will be rewarded with many striking places to see in the broken, but still lush, old world. If taking in the sights isn't incentive enough, you may find items to increase your health.

Woodfarer is currently under development, but you can try the current build on itch.io here! You can also check out the developer's Twitter accounts here (Designer, Animator) and here (Programmer).