Don't have a lot of time to game? How about an adventure of 60 seconds? Travel across the land, one minute at a time, with your trusty sword. Fling it at your enemies and dodge their blows, all while under a constant time attack in Minit!

In Minit, players will take control of a peculiar protagonist on a quest to lift an unfortunate curse. Unfortunately, you won't be able to grind levels to make your journey easier. You'll have to make sure every second counts - you only have 60 of them to explore a world filled with adventure and danger, with your character dying and returning to a spawn point every minute.

How will you use your limited time? To chat up the quirky folks of the land who may help to point you in the right direction to feverishly dash to? To uncover one of many countless secrets? To start a wacky boss battle? To unlock a new spawn point? Whatever you do, decide in a hurry!

Whatever you do, keep an eye on that clock and make every minute matter!

You can purchase Minit on Steam,, GoG, PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store! You can also follow the developers Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijam, Jukio Kallio, and Dominik Johann on their Twitter accounts!