Dating sims, dodging traffic, and snatching up some bread - no task is too small for a group of ducks in need of some funds. If you're game to help these fowl raise funds with fast-paced mini-games that want to bring a little laughter to your life, try out Duck Jam.

In Duck Jam, some fowl are in the unfortunate scenario of being in a band with broken instruments and no funds to repair them. With your help, these ducks will be quick to get back to jamming, but only if you're good at rapid tasks. For example, you may have to suddenly lay on the charm and flirt with a duck to fulfill your job, or simply float around on the water and collect bread crumbs. Or you could be in charge of diffusing a bomb. Basic duck stuff, right?

The fun doesn't stop in this one-after-the-other mini-game slinging experience, so grab a chair and try not to go quackers.

You can check out Duck Jam on here. You can also follow the developers BOON, Zen00, PixelDough, and Thimz on their Twitter accounts!