Four years after its initial reveal, Ecuadorian developer Freaky Creations is bringing their hand-painted and challenging plaformer To Leave to PS4 later this month.

As Harm, your way forward is fraught with danger - blocks of all kind, crushers, and others - and your only companion through these challenges is a helpful door that allows you to rapidly ascend. Graceful arcs and careful descents are your keys to survival, especially when a single hit can send you back to the last checkpoint.

Contextualizing the hazard evasion is a narrative infused with Ecuadorian culture and the personal experiences of the developers. Our 2014 interview goes into greater detail on the game's narrative foundation, but on its own, To Leave looks to be a challenging blend of punishing gameplay and symbolic narrative.

To Live can currently be preordered on the Playstation Store ahead of its April 24th release. To find more details on To Leave and its development, you can visit the game's site here for bother resources.