Inspired by the popular supernatural wiki SCP and movie Cabin In The Woods, Lobotomy Corporation gives you the challenging task of managing and monitoring otherworldly monsters, deep within the ever-expanding halls and rooms of your facility.

Within the many floors of your corporation, fearsome "abnormalities" are kept contained, each one a mystery until you assign the best-suited employees to study them. Enough research and you can begin to understand these beings to examine them more effectively. But more importantly, the creatures under lockdown are not idle test subjects, but eager to escape your facility.

Some are more physical threats and may require sacrificing employees and sections of your base to destroy an escaped monster before it unleashed too much havoc. However, other abnormalities have eldritch and mental abilities, able to brainwash their researchers and other employees into being pawns. Deciding how to deal with different creatures, how to suppress certain powers, or react to disaster is at the core of Lobotomy Corporation's management gameplay.

Lobotomy Corporation is available for $24.99 on Steam. You can visit the game's site and Twitter page to learn more details about the title and developer Project Moon.