If you enjoy a good, quick brain teaser, then you might be alien enough to get through the puzzles presented in +iQeI/Q (This Game Is For Aliens). Going from a quiet home to being surrounded by creatures that do not speak your language, you'll be forced to go through a series of challenging puzzles to return back to your sister (and Earth!).

As you wander your house in the game, you can read all sorts of descriptions - nothing is a mystery here. Your sister has made you dinner. You aren't hungry. Life is pretty straightforward, but soon you'll be solving brainteasers to please alien overlords.

Once among the aliens, you'll solve button puzzles, and you may feel confident for a moment before the game whips out a new rule that makes you break out your thinking cap. This might make you think to ask the aliens you meet on your journey, but a language barrier makes things a bit complicated. At least you both share in a love of button puzzles, though.


You can find +QeI/Q (This Game Is For Aliens) on here! You can also follow the developer on Twitter here!