Smaex's ONE is a short game about escaping some caves - but you only have one life and one bullet in your gun.

Thankfully, this sounds worse than it actually is. You can recall the bullet you shot, so it zips right back into your barrel, ready to be fired again. It also ricochets from walls, allowing you to clear out narrow corridors with ease. Using the level layout to your advantage in the fight against bats and slimes is pretty fun, but do be careful - there are some nasty surprises waiting for you.

Made for the Heart Jam 2018, ONE feels a bit like a prototype, but developer Smaex has already started to work on more levels. It's a simple idea that works really well, and I'm eager to see if this simple concept can carry a full game.

You can download ONE from for free. For more information, follow Smaex on Twitter.