Spectrum Break is a uniquely freeform plaformer where you leap and flip through block-filled arenas, with one important twist: these arenas lack gravity so every movement shifts the layout of the level.

Rather than the traditional platformer design, Spectrum Break doesn't challenge you to reach an exit or survive a nightmarish gauntlet traps. Instead, your goal is to light up every block until the entire stage is glowing neon, by surfing and jumping across platforms leaving a trail of sparks in your wake. But with each leap, you reshape the level, forcing you to adapt and improvise and consider your path if you're trying to illuminate the level in a smooth fluid attempt.

While shifting levels can be tricky enough, new blocks introduce additional complications and challenge. Linked blocks move together, potentially creating a domino effect of drifting blocks. Marked blocks catapult in a specific direction, possibly launching your surfer across the stage. Larger oddly-shaped blocks twist and rotate in unexpected ways, causing chaos as they interact with surrounding blocks.

If you're interested in playing a different take on the platformer, Spectrum Break can be purchased for $14.99 on Steam, and more details can be found on the game's site.