Gardening is no easy task, and coupled with deadly plant life, it's down right dangerous. Dark Soil is a mix of Dark Souls and gardening, having players planting seeds, sprinkling them with water to raise them into vicious vegetation, then fighting the sinister plants they've grown.

Armed with your trusty watering can and a sack of seeds, players can go ahead and slap one in the soil and drown it until it sprouts. You'll be rewarded with souls for the growth, but assaulted with a range of enemies that will spawn from you're newly grown, but somewhat aggressive, ferns and flowers. Strike those enemy growths down, though, and you'll receive more seeds to plant, which will get you more souls! More souls, more levels!

Every 5 levels, you'll be rewarded with a chest that gives you a stronger weapon and a health replenishment. You'll need them, too, as each plant continuously spawns more and more enemies to fight you. The more you plant, the harder it gets. You'll need to keep a close eye on your watering can too, trying to dodge enemies while refilling it with water, turning gardening into a surprisingly deadly balancing act.


You can check out Dark Soil on Itch.io here. You can also follow the developer on Twitter here.