Taking players to a somewhat sillier Jane Austen-inspired world, Austen Translation, tasks players with marrying a wealthy bachelor, doing so by sabotaging rivals for manipulating opponents, spreading rumors, and maybe dropping a piano on someone.

In Austen Translation, the player's aim is to make their rivals look bad in the eyes of the bachelor they're looking to marry. This can be accomplished by causing some embarrassing scenarios like falling out of a chair, or having someone accidentally drop a cricket bat on their toes. This is also all being done during some randomly-generated scenarios of heated Victorian passion and intrigue, making for some moments rife to mess with the other bachelors, but also keeping your marriage tale different each time.

Players who find little challenge in upsetting a digital opponent's wedding day can also bring up to four friends in to fight it out for a suitor amongst themselves, constantly tripping each other up with silly moments (or more lethal ones). Combining this with the lighthearted paper doll look, as well as poking fun at the preconceived roles of men and women, and it will make for a charming battle to live out one's life with a wealthy (and maybe even tolerable!) spouse.

Austen Translation is available for $6.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Worthing & Moncrieff, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, or you can follow them on YouTube.