A giant wasp isn't so tough in the winter in Fox N Forests, a game where a fox with a crossbow can change the seasons, affecting the stages and enemies around them in all kinds of helpful ways.

Rick the Fox aims to bring justice to the forest denizens and uncover the mystery of the fifth season in Fox N Forests no matter how many...forest denizens he kills with his crossbow to do it. We're just not going to question it. Some of these woodland creatures are jerks, so just roll with it. Those bats hit the Door Close button on elevators when they totally see you coming, so they deserve to be shot with magical arrows that carry different properties the fox gains from beating bosses. Really. For justice.

Fox N Forests, when not having you kill unsavory critters, also allows you to swap between two seasons in each stage, which can have dramatic effects. A shift to winter can freeze water to create platforms or make wasp bosses a little less rambunctious, or a change to fall can wither trees and open up new routes. These changes drain Rick's magic so they can't be done forever, but all unveil some neat new aspects hidden in each route an enemy, creating some great moments of exploration.

Just try not to think too hard on how killing woodland creatures brings justice to woodland creatures.

Fox N Forests is available for $19.99 on Steam, the Nintendo eShop, and the PlayStation Store (the Microsoft store version will be available soon). For more information on the game and developer Bonus Level Entertainment, you can head to the game's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.