Ever been curious about the manual labor that goes into restoring old, beat up properties, but you don't want to get down and dirty with black mold? House Flipper will show you how to get it done. You'll be able to go into the houses that the world has given up on and give them a total facelift, carrying out repairs or making changes to the layout. Maybe it'll give you inspiration for your own place!

There's a lot to do when you want to revamp a neglected home. Mold, cracks, infestations, and more await you, if you're up to the challenge. Each repair comes with its own set action, letting players really get a taste for how fixing up a home is done. You'll have control of interior design and even electrical installations as well, allowing you to do more than just fix things as they create their own homes from the shell of the previous place.

You will want to keep an eye on your budget, though! You need to make sure you turn a profit with your project so you can continue on to the next with your earnings and get access to better tools (which make actions easier). Whether through practice or profit, hopefully, you'll learn some new tricks of the trade on your way up to the top!

You can check out House Flipper on Steam here. You can also check out the official website, Twitter, and YouTube!