In a cute lesson on capitalism and candy, Yard Tale puts players in the perspective of a little witch with a sweet tooth. Help your friend at their yard sale by pairing together people and items to yield a bag of treats!

With some curious folk to meet at this yard sale, you'll have to listen carefully to what their interests are to pin down what their destined item is at the yard sale. Peruse items from socks (that cry a little?) to rare, terrible games and, with the help of some magic or a keen knowledge of what your customers want, make a match made in yard sale heaven. Don't like the look of your clientele? Shoot some magic at them and change their look!

If you make a good choice, you'll be rewarded with some candy which a witch finds quite delectable, or you can also trade them with the mysterious creature in the garage for goofy items for your cute witch to wear.

Embrace the characters and the silliness and you'll have a good time in Yard Tale.

You can find Yard Tale on Itch.io here. You can also check out the developer's Itch.io page and Twitter!