You know you stepped into the wrong place when you're a dog at an all-cat rave. Navigate the cat-populated dancefloor in hopes of stopping Catastrophe Cate and her evil plans. You can show off your dance moves while dodging the over-sized henchmen, or focus on collecting some delicious bones for your stash. Either way, you'll need to follow the beat in A Dog Named Dave Stuck On A Rave.

Dave is a good boy. How can you not love that goofy face with the tongue stuck out? Well, maybe a cat, especially one hopped up on cat nip, might not. So, maybe keep old Dave away from the cats. You'll be in charge with how Dave gets through unscratched, but on top of that, you're also his his dance instructor. Using a left-click for movement, you'll have to click to the beat of the music in order to move quickly and with musical style. If you panic and rapidly click with no sense of beat, you will be getting nowhere quick.

On top of dodging the vision of just the guards, you'll have to watch for security cameras as well as alarm panels. Not an easy day for a pup. Still, when your adventure is packed with puns and good tunes, being stealthy can make for tons of fun. Just maybe not for the evil cats!


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