A short, yet chilling tale presents itself in Roses & Heart. Take control of a weary gardener who is just trying to make it to the back exit to pick up a delivery. Unfortunately, things are not as simple as walking over to the door (is it ever?). Use a mysterious rose to summon a helper and solve puzzles to clear your path... But what will your helper want in return?

Using simple controls, Roses & Heart has players completing simple logic puzzles involving buttons, pushing obstacles, and finding pathways with the help of helpers that can be called upon by offering blood to a rose's thorns. Cheerful! Put your brain to the test in the increasingly difficult challenges and see if you can make it through to the other side in one piece.

Surely this blood price has no downsides, either. That ominous music probably doesn't mean anything, anyway, right?


You can check out Roses & Heart on here! You can also check out the developers, Remyripple and Kyrenon Twitter!