Good Pizza, Great Pizza wants to teach you all there is to know about owning a Pizzeria - from both the cooking and business side! If you enjoy making it, eating it, and all things pizza - Good, Pizza Great Pizza will cater to your needs.

You'll be at the helm of this modest pizzeria, directly competing with your rival Alicante. In order to prove yourself as the better Pizza joint, you'll have to complete orders from over 80 customers - each with their own requests and personalities. Get them what they need and you'll reap the rewards. Skimp on the pepperoni for speed or to save costs and you just might regret it.

Starting with just a ball of dough, managing sauces and condiments (on top of the amounts of each requested), you need to make sure you nail each of these unique orders. Completing the orders with accuracy and speed will earn you money to keep your store open. Make enough profit and you'll be able to stock new ingredients and invest in better equipment, which further allows you to grow your pizza production abilities.

If you're really good, you might even make the news on PNN (Pizza News Network)!

You can find Good Pizza, Great Pizza on Steam, Google Play Store, or The App Store. You can also check out the official website andTwitter!