A dark mystery lurks in the deepest floors of the dungeons of Moonlighter. Having the right equipment to survive long enough to get some answers requires cash, though! Luckily, you'll be able to sell the rubbish you find in your dungeon crawling, and if you price it right, you'll be able to turn a profit and arm yourself to the teeth.

Will is a shopkeeper by day and dungeon explorer by night. Wanting to prove himself as a hero and solve the mystery of the dungeons, Will takes a shot at the dangerous area and quickly discovers he's going to need a lot of help (and funds) to do it. Basic equipment won't help Will last long in Moonlighter's top-down combat, so players will need to defeat who they can, gather the goodies they drop, sell them, and use the funds to gain better equipment that will increase their chances of victory in the end.

Acquiring items to sell isn't so easy (the rare ones, that is), as you'll get them by defeating monsters. With a limited bag, you'll have to pick and choose what you want to bring back from your dungeon exploration. Some items will be cursed as well, and you may have to make some hard decisions to keep them (like blowing up an item adjacent to the rare, cursed one). Then, you'll need to price them just right in your shop to make the money you need to amass the gear needed to stay alive and solve that mystery.

With 5 dungeons to explore and profit from, you'll be making millions and a name for yourself in no time!

You can purchase Moonlighter on Steam, GoG, Humble Store, Microsoft Store, or PlayStation Store. You can also check out developer's Twitter and Facebook page.