Signalis' atmospheric pixel art style promises a dark adventure into surreal sci-fi, of "melancholic mystery and...dystopian dreamworlds" tinged with cosmic horror imagery and elements.

Signalis places you into control of a "Replika" crash-landed on a mysterious planet, haunted by visions and discordant memories as she explores an abandoned facility. Old-school survival horror - resource management, tense combat against inhuman foes, exploration and puzzles - is Signalis' core, anchoring the challenging gameplay and narrative through a detailed isometric aesthetic that brings to mind games like classic Resident Evil and Fear Effect.

The trailer and Twitter GIFs tease more eldritch happenings beneath Signalis' sci-fi surface, with hints of ancient tomes, looming tentacled beings, and weird surreal landscapes and structures that look distant from the snowswept planet setting.

Signalis is expected to receive a Kickstarter later this year and consoles versions are also a possibility post-PC release; you can learn more about the game through its site and Twitter page.