Remember the days of stacking blocks and commanding your army of toys to fend off opposing forces? In Castle Must Be Mine, you can relive your glory days as overseer and all-powerful. You'll be defending your towers with your trusty hero, traps, and your own god-like powers (like fireball tossing). Keeping your area safe can get hectic, but the toy-like play still offers tons of entertainment.

As your enemies swarm you on various terrains, you'll have to think of a strategy quickly. Do you want to use your boulders or cannon? A spike trap? Have your hero deal the finishing hit? Castle Must Be Mine offers many options in combat, all placed by hand in VR like laying out one's favorite playthings. With enough victories under your belt, you'll be able to level up your hero and gain special skills. You'll also be rewarded with money, so you can reinforce your towers and purchase new ones, improving your toys as you go.


You can find Castle Must Be Mine on Steam here!