Blazing Chrome, the next title from Joymasher, developers of the stunning ( gloomy) Odallus: The Dark Call, draws from Contra instead of Castlevania this time, and judging from a new trailer, it continues the developer's proud tradition of taking classic retro style and making it even better.

Humans are being kept down by robot overlords, but that doesn't mean that two people with some neat guns and machine helpers can't overturn the entire robot force, right? Expect to hit the ground running and gunning with some firearms with unique shot types, each of which has useful applications in certain combat situations. Not only that, but you can carry all guns at once. As long as you don't die. Which I'm sure you're able to do.

The new trailer shows off a speeder level of blasting robots, runaway trains loaded with mechs, and huge ships aiming to ruin your day. Nothing that a hail of gunfire can't fix, right? From this trailer, it's looking like the developers are nailing that Contra formula, maintaining an endless stream of dangers alongside that tension of knowing a single mistake will cost you dearly. Exactly the kind of over-the-top action and pressure you'd want from this kind of game.

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