As if rapid, countless platforming deaths weren't enough, DERE EVIL.EXE, sequel to the award-winning horror DERE.EXE, places you in the midst of an eerie story, one that seems intent on breaking out of the game's world.

Knightly, your protagonist, will need your guidance through this world full of daunting platforming puzzles. Will you be able to escape the clutches of the creator, or will you fall into a trap? It seems like a straightforward task, but something is very off with the world, placing reality on shaky ground with unsettling things creeping around beneath it.

For fans of horror that's not quite content to inhabit the fictional game reality it's supposed to be contained within, DERE EVIL .EXE is not one to miss out on, with the game constantly breaking its own rules and existence to create a fear that crawls outside the game's world. Using both visual and audio presentation by switching from chirpy, happy chiptunes to crackling, chilling PSX style music as well as upsetting the world with distortions, you'll be sure to feel a presence watching your every move. You'll have to focus to survive the game's difficulty platforming, but expect a few unsettling surprises while you're watching your jumps.

DERE EVIL .EXE is available on Steam,, and The App Store. You can also check out the developer's official website and Twitter!