Behind Enter The Flesh Again's striking title and charming aesthetic is an action-adventure through life, death, and rebirth, a reincarnation journey that takes you to the realm beyond death and pits your powers and spirit guides against evil spirits and nightmare manifestations.


As Aarya, you traverse a number of realms, from the physical world where you can purchase upgrades with wisdom points while living in your numerous reincarnated forms, to the Bardo, a state of existence between life and death where you battle the dark spirits and demons manifested by your mind. To battle these mental demons, you can unleash various skills like "Flaming Spirit" and the fireballs of "Inner Fire", or rely on your spirit animal guides such as fearsome bear companion.

In the physical realm, you'll find yourself in all manner of creatures, living through the life cycle of fauna and flora or even "hellbeings" that exist in other realms. By existing through their life cycles, through mating and old age, through assisting others or finding sacred texts, and other tasks, you can add to your wisdom points to unlock new powers and upgrades. You'll need all the upgrades and wisdom you can gather to battle the threats within the Bardo, monstrous dangers that range from twisted versions of Aarya herself to various demons and hellspawn.

Enter The Flesh Again is still in development. You can follow the game's progress through developer Seething Swarm's devlog and on Twitter and Facebook.