Beherit is a dark freeware horror game, set in dim and moody halls lit by your flashlight and where deadly evils lurk. Especially those twitchy mannequins watching from the shadows.

Beherit begins in mystery, as you find yourself trapped in an endlessly growing network of halls, doors, and rooms. Your only hope is discovering the truth of the titular gemstome, imbued with secrets and perhaps a nightmarish power, That journey takes you through the messy side-rooms, into the elegant rooms where heavy-duty safes wait for you to find their combinations.

You're not alone either. Your greatest threat is probably the relentless mannequins, that come to twitchy stumbling life to pursue you through Beherit's hallways. But as you discover more about the infamous gem, occult reality begins to seep into the atmospheric yet mundane locales, creating surreal tableaux and imagery. Thankfully, you might even find a gun within the rooms and corridors, to protect against mannequins and other horrors you might encounter.

Beherit can be downloaded for free from and takes around an hour to finish.