Imagine just minding your business and noticing something strange on the ground - nothing out of the ordinary, but just a piece of pottery. Boom. Quest. A quest you can't deny since it comes from the Gods themselves, to boot. It's this situation that Heraclos needs your help with, dealing with some tricky 3D platforming and mastering his newfound powers.

On an unexpected quest, you'll have to deliver an ancient item to the top of a mountain. Unfortunately, this hero isn't particularly motivated, so you'll have to ensure his safe passage through pitfalls and lasers. As you progress through the levels, you'll be given different powers to combat your obstacles. For example, you'll be given a power to manifest a platform when gaps are too wide, but don't hesitate or it will fade away. You'll also be able to dash to avoid hazards, gaining handy powers from the gods no matter how little you want to fulfill their quest.

Be nimble and quick to get this quest over with, helping Heraclos get back to everyday life!

You can find Heraclos on the official website and Itch.io.