Mothergunship is all about escalation. You like shooting enemies? Here's a dozen angry robots for you. You like dodging bullets? Sure, have hundreds of bullets coming your way. You like guns? Ho ho ho, have I got news for you...

If you have played Terrible Posture Games' debut title, Tower of Guns, all of this sounds vaguely familiar. However, Mothergunship is an evolution of the previous game's concept, taking the parts that made it work and cranking them up to 11.

This time, your goal is to bring down the almighty Mothergunship that has dared to enter Earth's orbit, threatening destruction of the human race and whatnot. To do that, you first have to take out its armada of smaller ships, all of which have a convenient self destruct button that's just waiting to be pushed. Small problem, though: those buttons are guarded by rooms full of robots and turrets.

Thankfully, those mechanical enemies drop coins, which in turn allow you to buy new gun parts in the conveniently-located gun shops on those ships. And here, the real fun begins. You see, those guns you're wielding - you can change them however you see fit if you have the right parts. A minigun on top of a flame thrower on top of a rail gun next to a rocket launcher? Yup, that's entirely possible, and that's just the gun in your right hand, ha! Sometimes, the ridiculous constructions you wield can take up half the screen but hey, you just point and shoot with these babies and every robot dies.


I also love the way that Mothergunship handles failure. You can retry levels as much as you want if you die. However, the gun parts you brought on this mission are lost in the case of your demise. There are main missions and optional missions that allow you to stock up on parts, so you're never really lacking in gun parts. Still, it hurts when you lose your best setups due to a bad run. (I'd also appreciate a "take what I used last time" button there, as you have to scroll through all of your parts again before embarking on a new mission.)

The shooting itself feels good, with lots of verticality and mobility thanks to multiple jumps you can make. Sometimes, it gets a bit too much, with too many enemies on-screen and too many projectiles coming at you from every direction, but I suspect that's just the part where you have to get really good at the game. I'm still working on that, mind.

There will be co-op added sometime after launch, as well as leaderboards, daily challenges, and a little more of everything, basically. That's good, but even now, I can heartily recommend Mothergunship for its ridiculous running and gunning and shooting and crafting and jumping.

You can purchase Mothergunship from Steam for $24.99, starting tomorrow. PS4 and Xbox One versions are also available. For more information, visit the game's website or follow its Twitter account for updates.