Children of war must develop far quicker than the average child. With danger lurking in every corner, Orphan Age revolves around keeping a band of kids, each with their own personalities, safe and sound through decisive efforts as you scrounge for what you need in a warzone. You'll have to make tough choices to gather necessary resources and recruit extra hands to keep your base in tip top shape to have any hope of keeping these kids safe.

To keep your crew happy and healthy, you'll have to scavenge for materials (food, water, medicine, and crafts), but these trips come with risk as players stumble across soldiers or other things that may injure them. This is made more challenging by the generated maps, which constantly forces you into the unknown. Also, the survivors come with different skills, ages, and backgrounds, varying what your kids can do and how they react to certain situations.

Back at home base it's all about putting your scavenging rewards to use. Build beds, heaters, playgrounds - anything to fill the needs of the children. If you want to figure out how to build more complicated structures, researching can expand your knowledge. With a focus on building, risk-taking, and careful attention to the thoughts and mental states of your kids, Orphan Age is all about working together in a world divided, building a home with the future undecided.

You can try the demo on Itch.io here. You can also check out the official website and Twitter!