Rise up, fellow furry brothers and sisters, for it is time to rob the masses of their delectable subway treats and make some subterranean ruckus! In other words: single-screen, score-chasing platformer Russian Subway Dogs is now available and it has you following orders from the Proletaricat.

The game's premise is simple: you're a dog, living in the various Moscovian subway stations (which is an actual thing, you know) and you get your food from sneaking up on people and barking, so that they drop their tasty treats. Grab the food, run, repeat. Good boy.

This sounds easy, right? It does, however, get complicated really fast, with other elements thrown into the mix. Other dogs appear, swiping the tasty stuff right from under your snout. Dropped vodka burns things - food as well as your canine competition - which leads to a higher score. Items can be juggled in the air with repeated barks - and this increases the score multiplier.

Figuring out how a thing interacts with other stuff is half the fun. (The game may appear somewhat shallow at first, but the amount of things you can do and how you can interact with those different elements is crazy deep.) The other half is staying alive and making it to the end of the level in once piece.


If you are familiar with Spooky Squid's previous title, They Bleed Pixels, you're probably suspecting that Russian Subway Dogs is not a walk in the park. And indeed, this is one challenging game, tying progression to a number of missions you have to fulfill in every level. Stuff like "don't let the food hit the floor" is fairly easy, but other tasks require near-perfection, and fairly soon into the game.

At least there's an endless mode, which allows you to train your moves and experiment. Leaderboards, unlockable puppers (or, well, critters), and the sheer cuteness of it all will keep you playing despite the high level of challenge. These Russian Subway Dogs? They are very good dogs, Boris.

You can purchase Russian Subway Dogs from and Steam for $14.99. More information can be found on the game's website or by following developer Spooky Squid on Twitter.