In this cute sci-fi puzzler, the messy hecticness of the kitchen is replaced with rhythmic hecticness of automation, as Automachef tasks you with constructing precise cuisine assembly lines.

Automachef looks reminiscent of the assembly optimization of Factorio, a game that offered expansive alien worlds and resources for your manufacturing. Comparatively, Automachef's puzzles challenge you to build in tight spaces with different sized machinery, all wrapped in a narrative about a burgeoning robotic fast food tycoon who believes he is human. Placing conveyor belts, arms, splitters, gates, and many other tools lets you complete dozens of challenges, revolving around putting together specific meals, managing specials events, and space restrictions.

However, setting machines down isn't your only level of control in the mechanical kitchen; computer items let you type assembly code and develop specific commands for your machines. Programming intsructions for arms or ingredient dispensers can be key to meeting those special event or unique dish parameters.

Automachef is expected to release in early 2019; for more details and footage, you can visit the game's site and developer Hermes Interactive's Twitter page.