At a glance, you might confuse Graveyard Keeper with similar games like Stardew Valley and others. That's part of the game's charm though; in many ways, Graveyard Keeper relies on the familiarity with the elements of those games to makes its morbid twist of said elements work. Because in this simulator/RPG, you aren't lovingly tending to a farm, but managing a graveyard and figuring out how to profit from those corpses rotting under the ground.

Of course, you could just leave the bodies to rest and build up your cemetery and its value through legal means. But for more money, you're going to get bloody, hacking at bodies to harvest this flesh, eventually improving your tools to harvest organs and bones. More damaged corpses reduce your cemetery's worth but you can always cremate the bodies or just dump them in the river, although that may have dire consequences later.

Townsfolk love meat as a delicacy so selling those organs and meat to the local butcher can be worth decent money if you're not discovered. You'll need that money to keep your corpse-cart-pulling donkeys fed and to purchase better equipment and keep your farm running smoothly. Or you can descend into the surrounding dungeons to gather loot yourself, engaging in hack-n-slash action to complement your graveyard management above.

Graveyard Keeper is available for $19.99 on PC through Steam or Humble Bundle, and on Xbox One. For more details, you can visit the game's official site, Tinybuild's site, and Twitter page of developer Lazy Bear Games.