Helping Hand is about using your fingers to communicate, and while you can say a whole lot with a single finger, this title asks you to say a whole lot more than that, bringing all your digits in to help. After all, how well do certain one-finger gestures translate to alien beings? Best learn to embrace the full spectrum of what you can say with your fingers in these silly situations.

You find yourself in a rough situation, one where you can only move the fingers of your left hand. Each of these have been assigned a button, and depending on which fingers you choose to move, you'll act out an array of gestures that will hopefully get your message across. Depending on what that message is, though, you may find yourself moving from your hospital bed to outer space, underground lairs, or the seat of global power. Which ain't bad for only seven gestures.

Naturally, restraint will be key in finding all of the various places and situations you can find yourself in, as the urge to flip everyone off may be great, and making everyone mad isn't the best idea when you're bedridden with only control over your left hand. Still, there's plenty of fun to be had with just five fingers, finding all manner of routes and secrets depending on what you choose to do with those digits.

Helping Hand is available for $8.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Hubblegum, you can follow them on YouTube and Facebook.