Gravitational orientation becomes your plaything in Liminal, a polished student project available on Steam that combines space-shifting doorways and a twisting sci-fi puzzle labyrinth.

Liminal's main method of gravity manipulation lies in the relationship between "Krobs", robotic spiders that double as keys, and space-bending doorways that let you pass through them like portals. Walking through linked doors can suddenly shift you and gravity to be walking along what was a wall, or turn a hallway into a long drop, or connect separate rooms.

While the early puzzles are simply tests of connecting the right doors at the right time, the orientation-shifting effect of the doors add increasing complex, along with additional mechanics as you traverse around the weird interiors and exteriors of a crawling, legged facility.

Liminal can be downloaded for free on Steam. The game is currently in Early Access, with improvements and a new area with new mechanics to be added in the future.