Are you passionate about Llamas? Is your every want and need fulfilled by watching them thrive? Llama Villa is the game for you and your peculiar (and spectacular) taste! To be concise, 'It's The Sims, but with llamas"!

There's a lot to monitor with these furry roommates. You'll have to make sure they have water, food, fun, toiletries, and respite. Who knew Llamas were so high maintenance? You'll even have to make sure they get sheared! This will be your bread and butter and help pay for your expensive furnishings. Cozy beds, modern toilets, and radios to blast music a Llama just can't resist - you've got to have it all.

If Llama care is your passion, and you enjoy creating actual mansions for these four-legged divas, you'll have your work cut out for you (In a good way!) with Llama Villa.


You can find Llama Villa on Itch.io here. You can also check out the official website and Twitter!