Museum of Symmetry aims to take you on a journey through vibrant places inspired by nature and geometry. Through interacting with the places around you and wandering the beautiful paths that lead through the game, you'll be able to lose yourself in sumptuous environments, taking in the surreal, pleasantly-dreamy corners of this imaginary world.

Museum of Symmetry opens up a three-dimensional world filled with 2D characters, letting you meet these creatures and take in some of their lives as they beckon you to follow them. In following them where they lead you, players will be treated to lands of imagination built around fire, water, wind, and earth, although players are just as free to wander these realms on their own. Still, how can you turn down a cute character asking you to come along for a striking ride?

It's these places, witnessed in 3D, that will draw you in, dragging you into a kaleidoscopic realm without stress or pressure. Through this, Museum of Symmetry aims to create a sense of wonder in the player, one that will carry them through the living cartoon world around them, offering soothing, wondrous sights in virtual reality.

Museum of Symmetry is available for free on Steam. For more information on the game and its various creators, you can head to the publisher's site.