Noahmund brings back the familiar atmosphere of PS1 & SNES JRPGS in both visual and audio aesthetics, aiming to capture the feel of the early entries in the genre. In keeping with the look and sound, it will also immerse you in a deep story of love and war while offering some strategic, chess-inspired fights and puzzling obstacles.

In a war-torn world, a girl and her guardian set out on a quest to find a devastating weapon that had been used four years ago. They will have to brave some dark corners in order to find it, but the war may go horribly without their success. To find this missing super weapon, you'll explore dungeons via a node-based exploration style while solving puzzles using your party members' unique abilities (like PS1 RPG Wild Arms), giving players a mental workout when they're not thumping foes.

You'll have to use your head in your battles, too, as the game employs a Motion Battle Chess style. Drawing from the classic game, attacks may only hit certain areas (like, only hitting the direct area around the character using an attack), so it's important to note how your abilities will work against enemies based on their positions around you.

For a glimpse back into the glory days of JPRGs, check out Noahmund.

You can find Noahmund on Steam here. You can also check out the official website, Twitter, and Facebook!