The ability to control your dreams and manipulate them is quite the feat. You could fly with the birds, overturn a bad situation, or live your wildest dreams. In story-driven adventure Radiant One, players will have to navigate both dreams and nightmares as well, solving puzzles and escaping dangerous situations throughout the surreal worlds in the protagonist's mind.

Daniel, a man living a bland everyday scenario of Facebook updates and an unfulfilling lifestyle, tries his hand at lucid dreaming. And he's pretty adept at it. Living more in his dreams than in reality, Daniel pushes his dreams to the limit until something changes, and the dreams push back. Now, players will have to help Daniel find clues as to what has happened to his once-pleasant dreams and unveil the secret behind the malevolent forces that have taken over his dreamscape. This may involve dodging some unfriendly spectres in the hallway, or searching every door, drawer, and shelf within the surreal places his mind concocts.

From the creators of The Wild Eight, Radiant One shows off a striking, yet simplistic visual style that captures realms built by the unconscious mind. Players seeking a thrilling story served up with an eye-catching look will get just what they need in Radiant One.

You can find Radiant One on Steam and The App Store. For more information, check out the official website and Twitter!