Regular Human Basketball is a sports game recreating a popular American sport, involving players throwing or dunking a ball into a hoop to score points. Also, the players are giant mechs controlled by drivers inside their robotic innards. Just your typical sports game.

Reminiscent of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime or the recent Far: Lone Sails, Regular Human Basketball fits into that niche style of game where you control hulking unwieldy machines by platforming around their interior controls. Online or in split-screen, in one-v-one duels or with up to ten players, Regular Human Basketball turns the titular sport into a humorous tangle of rusty metal limbs and magnet-assisted dunks. Various buttons let you walk, rotate, jump, and control your magnet, resulting in a tricky control scheme (so also placing the game in the "hilariously frustrating and awkward control scheme subgenre).

Besides the hectic switch-flipping action on the court, you can also leave your mech to invade your opponent's robot and disable various controls, turning off thrusters and forcing them to improvise with their lopsided controls. Regardless of whether you're scoring points through mechanical acrobatics or subterfuge, Regular Human Basketball is always a charmingly colorful sports game, using its different controls to deliver uniquely funny gameplay.

Regular Human Basketball is available for $4.99 through Steam and, from developer Powerhoof (of Crawl fame).