Think about your closest batch of friends. Would they survive in a world inspired by Norse myths and monstrosities? Against two other coordinated factions? Rend takes groups of players and tests their abilities to survive against creatures, the elements, and their rivals, with victory leading to even further power.

Rend prioritizes working together as a team. This may mean putting together a stronghold to fortify your territory or going out to take down some nasty monsters, gather resources, discover artifacts, or just go on a killing spree. It's all helpful in the long run, but only one faction will be declared victorious at the end of a cycle. Survival is as important as going out and clobbering opposing teams, so you will need to watch out for more than just the attacks of your online opponents.

If you're skilled enough to be crowned victorious, the rewards you are given can be used in the next round to bolster your strength. Just hope you have a good enough team to be able to use them efficiently. Not that you can't grow you character through unique skills tree to otherwise gain strength, but the victory boost is always nice when you're dealing with colossal mythological monsters, with Rend offering a little history lesson alongside its action and survival-based play.

You can find Rend on Steam here. You can also check out the official website, Twitter, and Facebook.