Enjoy a good brain-teasing, platforming puzzle? What about one you solve with a friend? Look no further than The Rabbit And The Owl, a game where players will be able to control both of these light and dark entities and attempt some tricky challenges. In solving these confounding levels, you'll unveil the truth as to why the Rabbit and Owl spirits exist in the world.

Fans of platforming and rich puzzlers may find their next brain bender in The Rabbit And The Owl. In it, you'll guide the Rabbit through the fractured light world and Owl through the dark, utilizing their unique situations to solve its puzzles. These puzzles will be gentle on new players as well, focusing on figuring out what to do rather than on being able to do complicated mechanical tasks. That doesn't mean it's easy, as the game rapidly builds on introduced concepts, guiding players to use techniques from earlier levels and evolve them. It can be hard to solve, but you'll get a great feeling of accomplishment when you have the 'A-ha!' moment.

If you're finding yourself staring blank at a screen, try to invite a friend along to brainstorm a solution. With a co-op mode, players can enjoy The Rabbit And The Owl together, with each person controlling one of the characters as they take down puzzles and delve into the game's solemn story.

You can find The Rabbit And The Owl on Steam here. You can also check out the official website, Twitter, and Facebook.