Visual novel the earth is a better person than me follows Delphine as she flees her life and heads into the forest. There, surrounded by nature, she can speak with several different elements, delving into aspects of her self-worth, sexuality, and most personal thoughts with the sun, trees, and water, growing beyond close with the world around her.

You'll follow Delphine out into the woods, but there, it's up to you which part of nature you wish to commune with. Depending on whether you speak with the dirt, trees, and the forest itself, you'll explore various aspects of her personality and the places she left behind. Here, without judgement, she can be free to unveil her deepest thoughts and fears, opening herself to the landscapes and celestial beings. Through the six routes and sixteen endings, you will come to know many aspects of her, developing your own connection as you peer into this confessional and the private thoughts of the woman within.

the earth is a better person than me walks a complex tightrope with its bond with nature, coming so close Delphine can become its literal lover through her growing connection, yet still lonely in this bond outside of human contact. It's a heady journey into self image and sexuality and connections to the natural world, one that creates a dizzying bond with Delphine as you help her speak her mind to these living places.

the earth is a better person than me is available for $7 on Itch.io. For more information on the game and developer Kara Stone, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.