Library offers a cute experience of hanging out at the library, making use of all the books by playfully tossing them at your pals. I mean, yeah, reading those books would be good too, but there's just something about lightly hurling tomes at these grinning, playful folks that just makes you want to keep on throwing.

Library is a short, but delightfully colorful experience. You can wander the library and see who you meet inside, then hurl a couple of books their way. Even the books are smiling away in this building filled with cheerful, playful folks, encouraging you to just let loose with a little personal goofiness. After all, the mess of books will be cleaned up by digital goblins once you shut the game off. And I'm sure they're smiling as well.

If Library doesn't provide enough tossing fun, the game includes Morning Post, another title by developer Happy Snake. In this, you hurl mail at some smiling people while wandering around, offering you all kinds of happy places to explore and make a mess in (and not have to clean it up).

Library is available for $1.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Happy Snake Games, you can follow them on YouTube,, and Twitter.