Have you ever had a day when you just couldn't bring yourself to stand up? You just wanted to get through the day, inching like a caterpillar? Yet Another Exhausting Day encapsulates the ultimate level of tiredness, with a dash of motivation to get through the day. Players will have to help some sleepy people, protecting them from enticing pillows while smashing things and doing whatever they can to stay awake.

How do you keep yourself awake on a day where if you even rested your eyes a moment, you would fall asleep? Yet Another Exhausting Day explores this idea in silly fashion. Players will have to avoid pillows by manipulating their caterpillar-like people as they inch across floors, up walls, and over desks and computers. Getting sleepy? Try smashing your head against a flowerpot to get that noggin back to work. Anything to stay awake on this exhausting (yet hilarious) day.

Stationary pillows aren't your only nemesis, as evil beings seems intent on putting players to sleep as they creep through various oddball situations. Players can use damaging pirouettes and crawling smashes to clobber these creatures (or break furniture to keep their eyes open), ensuring that staying up isn't as easy as it looks. It is as fun as it looks, though, as Yet Another Exhausting Day offers tons of fun just watching these wacky people flailing about as they fight to stay up.

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