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IndieGames.com is presented by the UBM TechWeb Game Network, which runs the Independent Games Festival & Summit every year at Game Developers Conference. The company (producer of the Game Developers Conference series, Gamasutra.com and Game Developer magazine) established the Independent Games Festival in 1998 to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best independent game developers.

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About The IGS

Featuring lectures, postmortems and roundtables from some of the most notable independent game creators around, the Independent Games Summit is a yearly event, with iterations thus far taking place in March 2007, February 2008, March 2009 and March 2010 at Game Developers Conference.

UBM TechWeb (which curates the IGF and runs GDC) plans to continue and grow the Independent Games Summit in subsequent years.

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IndieGames.com Best-Of Features

Here at IndieGames.com, we like highlighting some of the more notable freeware and indie games of this and previous years - hence this special 'best-of' section. Check out the individual charts, and also make sure to read Indie Games: The Weblog for all the latest independent game news, interviews and features. (FAQ, permalink, retweet)


Best Freeware Arcade Games 2009
A bear behind a wheel, a tiki totem on speed, and a planet-devouring worm. These are just some of the stranger protagonists that you'll find in our selection of the best downloadable arcade games from 2009.

Best Browser Arcade Games 2009
A quick coffee break game to while away your lunch hour? Something addictive and fun to play for that slow Sunday afternoon? Play as a man who can't stop running, a pig that can fly, or a maniac on a mountain.. here's our pick for the top browser arcade games released in the last twelve months.

Best Freeware Adventure Games 2009
You know it can only be an adventure game when the story is about a talking, walking frying pan, a male escort, or a psychiatrist for machines. A couple of the more interesting and eccentric cast of characters that you'll be playing as, in this edition of the top freeware adventure games for your amusement.

Best Freeware Experimental Games 2009
Call it art. Call it experimental. Call it meta, even. Love them or hate them, art games are here to stay. A word of warning though: some of these developers do take the idea of permanency to the extreme. The cost of defeat in any of these games might end up to be more than what you're willing to lose.

Best Freeware Platformers 2009
2D platformers make up a large portion of freeware indie games, and if you're looking for the next Cave Story, Knytt or Spelunky, then there's no better place to start than here - our selection of the freshest platform games released in 2009 for your enjoyment.

Best Browser Platformers 2009
It has been an incredible year for indie games, and more so for the platformer genre. We have no intentions of leaving Mac OSX and Linux users out in the cold, so here's ten games that will run on any modern-day internet browser to satiate your need for run 'n jump games.

Best Freeware Puzzle Games 2009
Love a bit of puzzle-solving in your platformer or adventure game? You've come to the right place, as IndieGames.com reveals their treasure chest of puzzle-related goodies for you to get cracking on. We've got boxes in all shapes and sizes, shadows, silhouettes, and even the odd hacking game that you will offer you the sort of challenges crossword puzzles don't provide.

Best Freeware Shoot 'em ups 2009
Let's take a look at a couple of naughty and nice shoot 'em ups, featuring titles with names of insects, cephalopods, and even phalluses in this quirky selection of the best shooters we've played this year.

Best Freeware Strategy Games, RPGs, Roguelikes 2009
Admittedly we don't cover too many strategy games, RPGs and roguelikes on the site, but we'd still like to honor a couple of our favorites for the year. Dive in to find out which role-playing and strategy games caught our eye and sucked away much of our free time.


Best Freeware Arcade Games 2008
Whether you fancy rescuing the princess, assassinating the president or saving the world, we've got everyone's wishes covered. We humbly present to you IndieGames.com's special feature on some of the best action and arcade games released in the past twelve months.

Best Browser Arcade Games 2008
Ten of the best browser arcade games released this year, right here. We've got everything from running a 100-metre sprint event, hitting balls out of the park, racing dinosaurs, gigantic swords and even a time-management game in this edition.

Best Freeware Adventure Games 2008
Twenty more adventure games as proof that the genre is still very much alive, with picks such as a western-themed IF, an educational game for both adults and children, a chatroom simulator, a couple of sequels, and even a remake of a past Sierra classic in full VGA glory to satiate anyone's desire for more questing.

Best Freeware Platformers 2008
From the critically-acclaimed Braid to the fan-favorite Cave Story, the indie game development scene is never short on quality platformers to play. Knytt Stories took the title for the best platformer last year, and with Nifflas' Night Game to be released only in 2009, it is time to crown a new heir for the throne.

Best Freeware Remakes 2008
From upgraded remakes with painstakingly redrawn and recolored graphics, to the most retro of demakes with blocky pixel art and noisy chiptunes, IndieGames.com has rounded up ten remakes of classic games that you should not miss the second time around.

Best Freeware Shoot 'em ups 2008
Fans of Galaga, Space Invaders, Warning Forever, and Everyday Shooter, step right up. Only a courageous pilot stands any chance of saving Earth from being enslaved by an invading alien race, once again. Leave your Zero Wing quotes behind, because you will need every ounce of your arcade skills to make it through our picks for the best twenty freeware shoot 'em ups of 2008 alive.

Freeware Games by cactus 2008
Known for his broad variety of freeware games, Swedish designer Jonatan 'cactus' Söderström says that much of his work are small experiments dressed up as games. Nonetheless he has made more than twenty of them over the last twelve months, so we're presenting you with a selection of his best works released this year for your gaming pleasure.

Freeware Games by Jesse Venbrux 2008
What we know about Jesse Venbrux: aged 22, originated from Netherlands, studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts, did his internship with Q-games, uses the versatile Game Maker for development purposes, and has an unhealthy obsession with the subject of death. He also makes decent games, lots of it actually.

Most Addictive Browser Games
We pay tribute to the developers who are responsible for the most addictive Flash and Java-based browser games of all time, or simply prolific enough to create a library of games which most of us have spent numerous afternoons on.


Best Freeware Adventure Games 2007
The adventure game genre certainly isn't dead, and IndieGames.com proves this by picking the top freeware adventure independent titles released during 2007, from Rorschach through the awesomely named Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy.

Best Freeware Arcade Games 2007
IndieGames.com has picked some of the neatest, quirkiest, and smartest freeware arcade titles released during 2007, from Chalk through Gesundheit to a host of other playable, fun and free titles.

Best Freeware Platformers 2007
IndieGames.com continues to crank out the goodness, and this time it's 2007's top freeware platformers - a list of goodies which includes The Underside, Knytt Stories, and the hilariously cool but infringing GoldenEye 2D.

Best Freeware Remakes 2007
Gems of the yesteryear rebooted, reimagined or simply touched up for a new generation of gamers to enjoy. Indiegames.com steps into the time machine to bring these classics back to live, as we recap some of the best freeware remakes released in 2007.

Best Freeware RPGs, Roguelikes 2007
RPGs and roguelikes - what's not to like about them? Let's explore some dungeons in The Crypts of Despair and Last Scenario, or even micromanage a fortified outpost in Dwarf Fortress as IndieGames.com examines the best role-playing games and RLs from 2007.

Best Freeware Shoot 'em ups 2007
Horizontal, vertical or hybrid 2D and 3D shooters. Whatever your fancy, you'll find everything here as we unveil another twenty noteworthy shoot 'em ups released during 2007.

Best Freeware Games by cactus 2007
A recent Gamelab interview describes cactus' prodigious indie freeware game output as having "a visual aesthetic that combines mathematical precision and unruly chaos, with tight, balanced and challenging gameplay" - here's his best of 2007.

Best Freeware Games (Others) 2007
What does Nigoro, Pixeljam and Kloonigames all have in common? They're all featured in our special 2007 Best of Features article, in which we round up some of the oddest freeware Flash games, beat 'em ups, and physics games from last year.


Best Freeware Adventure Games 2006

Best Freeware Arena Shooters 2006

Best Freeware Platformers 2006

Best Freeware Puzzlers 2006

Best Freeware Shoot 'em ups 2006

Best Freeware Shooter Remakes 2006

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