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12. The Linear RPG

The Linear RPG is Sophie Houlden's entry into RPGDX's 'LoFi' Indie RPG Jam. Play is set along a single line and battles happen automatically, with health and experience being altered randomly.

Along the linear mission there are circles which represent inns, places to restore your health. To make it all the way to the end, players need to work their way forward and back along the line, visiting previous inns in order to build their experience up before tackling harder and longer lines.

It's not a breakthrough in RPG gameplay, but it's an interesting concept and the story which is simultaneously told in the background adds to the experience.

"When making the game I decided I wanted to make an RPG with the bare minimum to still be called an RPG and I figured that was story, and the choice of either progressing or character building. what surprised me about the result, was people's reactions to it. It wasn't intended as a parody or an interactive insult aimed at J-RPGs, but some people took it that way. And it wasn't intended to be fun either, but plenty of people said it was that too (in fact I've even had screenshots of people reaching absurdly high levels from 80-100+).

I think this spilt in the way people received the game is what is really interesting, I wish I'd designed it to be a troll-game to 50% of people and a great idea to the other half, but it was totally by accident." - Sophie

Name: The Linear RPG
Developer: Sophie Houlden
Platform: Browser


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