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About The IGF is presented by the UBM TechWeb Game Network, which runs the Independent Games Festival & Summit every year at Game Developers Conference. The company (producer of the Game Developers Conference series, and Game Developer magazine) established the Independent Games Festival in 1998 to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best independent game developers.

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Co-op battler LAZA KNITEZ!! gallops its way onto Windows and Mac

October 19, 2014 7:50 PM | Anthony Swinnich

Maybe you missed LAZA KNITEZ!! back in March, either because you didn't see it or don't have an Ouya. But if you're into local vs multiplayer games, it's worth noting that the game is now available on Windows and Mac.

LAZA KNITEZ!! is a top-down four-player interstellar space joust simulator. You've got access to seven powerups, so you're at no shortage of powerful ways to take down your friends during battle. It's available at right now for $2 and will be that price for the next five years, then the 98 percent discount ends and the game goes back up to its normal $100 price tag. Sounds a bit like a steal, eh?

Free keys for 140, La-Mulana, Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey

October 17, 2014 8:31 PM | Staff

FreekeyFridaysWeek62.jpgIndieGames and FreekeyFridays bring you another set of free indie games. Freekeyfridays was created as a way to garner exposure for indies through giving away a mix of well-known indie games and up-and-coming titles.

This week's games are 140 (Steam, Windows, Mac), La-Mulana, (Steam, Windows) and Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey (Humble, Windows, Mac).

Browser Pick: Side to Side (ABA Games)

October 17, 2014 8:28 PM | Chloi Rad

sidetoside.pngSide to Side might not look like much to some, but it's a surprisingly fun dodge 'em up that takes advantage of organic shapes and randomly generated corridors in a way I haven't seen done before.

Early Access Pick: Ziggurat (Milkstone Studios)

October 17, 2014 9:45 AM | Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome

Ziggurat.pngAs much as I despise flying, small, fast enemies obviously inspired by Daikatana, I musty admit I really enjoyed my limited time with the Ziggurat early access.

Yes, it is an arena FPS and, yes, it definitely requires gaming reflexes that I so desperately lack, but it's a fine action offering already. It's a fast paced, silly, varied and fun pure fantasy shooter; sort of a highly promising, modern and obviously indie take on the Heretic/Hexen, complete with level ups, tons of enemies and rogue-like elements.

The Ziggurat Early Access is available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Kickstarter Pick: The Very Organized Thief (Redefinition Games)

October 17, 2014 12:11 AM | Chloi Rad

thief1.jpgYou may recall a little game called The Very Organized Thief from late last year, a first-person stealth game about burglarizing a home. Such a crime rendered in virtual space might sound like a fun time, free of consequence and with lots of cool shiny things to collect, but it actually ends up being quite a tense, eerie undertaking.

Another thing The Very Organized Thief was known for was good replayability, since your list of items "to borrow" and their locations in the house vary from playthrough to playthrough. Despite this, it's still a small game, and fans have probably found the single house and its usual hiding spots predictable by now.

Good news: the developers at Redefinition Games have brought The Very Organized Thief to Kickstarter, looking to raise just $9,500 to expand on the original game, promising "more stuff 'borrow,' more levels to explore and more characters to be subdued by!"

iOS Pick: three-lane dodge 'em up SUPERHYPER is low-fi bliss

October 16, 2014 9:10 PM | Anthony Swinnich

If your iDevice has been looking for a new addiction, look no further than SUPERHYPER. Developer Sets and Settings newest release is one of those 'easy to pick up but hard to put down' types.

Movement is controlled through swiping. The action is isometric, but you swipe left to move left, and right to move right. You can also perform a dash by swiping forward. Dodging or crossing pits or avoiding or going through objects is the name of the game, and it's set to a thumping EDM soundtrack.

SUPERHYPER is addictive, but be warned: You will die. You will get better. And you will die some more. But at the low, low cost of $1, how can you go wrong? It's available now on iOS.

Freeware Pick: BloodSpace (Kayabros & Amon26)

October 16, 2014 1:00 PM | Chloi Rad

bloodspace1.jpgBloodSpace, a new game from the game dev duo Kayabros and Gyossait dev Amon26, is a violent horror bullet hell that actually looks like it is set in hell.

You control a small ship in a grimy green sky, blasting away at airborne enemies resembling clusters of disease and flesh meteors. The game's boss, which you'll encounter a few times, is a bloody, cephalopodic monstrosity with the face of a woman sprouting the faces of wolves.

Seriously, take a close look at it.

All this, scored by the wailing metal rifts of composer Erdoğan Cem Evin, and you have exactly the kind of weird, gothic shoot 'em up you'd expect from the minds behind it.

Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition Released

October 16, 2014 3:00 AM | Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome

GKmuseum.pngThe original Gabriel Knight, Sins of the Fathers, remains one of the very best and most atmospheric adventure games ever crafted and a definitive point-and-click experience. Happily, designer Jane Jensen, composer Robert Holmes, Phoenix Online and Pinkerton Road teamed up to create a proper, full blown 20th Anniversary remake of the original. You know, the same remake we previewed a while ago. A faithful, modern update that, among other things, has managed to just nail the voice acting and, well, is out as we speak!

You can grab Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition for Windows and Mac via Steam, GOG and the Phoenix Store.

Red Cobra mixing SHMUP and metroidvania genres, is really kind of beautiful

October 15, 2014 7:06 PM | Anthony Swinnich


I don't know what it is, but it's always really exciting to see innovation in the SHMUP genre. The stunning Red Cobra is one of the newest games to enter the crowdfunding ring, and it's bringing elements of twin-stick shooting and metroidvania exploration with it.

Kickstarter Pick: The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy (OKAM)

October 15, 2014 3:45 AM | Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome

Based on the Dark Horse comic book of the same name (well, almost the same name -- printed stuff's rarely interactive), The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy is set to become a point-and-clicking, fighting, shooting, detective-ing adventure game about the legendary investigator of the occult and his unpaid apprentice. The game is already looking stunning and, what with the involvement of the comic's authors, it's bound to be both funny and expertly written too.

The game will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux and a pledge of $15 will earn you a copy upon release.

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