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About The IGF is presented by the UBM TechWeb Game Network, which runs the Independent Games Festival & Summit every year at Game Developers Conference. The company (producer of the Game Developers Conference series, and Game Developer magazine) established the Independent Games Festival in 1998 to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best independent game developers.

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Kickstarter + Demo: 16-bit inspired JRPG Legena: Union Tides

July 22, 2014 8:45 AM | Lena LeRay


Legena: Union Tides is to be Grandpa Pixel's first game and the first game in a series of three. Development on the game began in 2013 when it was just a project to learn programming with, but it's grown into a high-quality project which aims to touch on mature themes while offering a robust gaming experience. If the demo (Windows) is any indication, the game is going to be a steal at the price of $5.

Browser Pick: Sokoboros (Trevor Newton)

July 22, 2014 7:00 AM | Tim

sokoboro2a.pngTrevor Newton's Sokoboros is a PuzzleScript game in which you play as a baby snake who has to eat to grow. It features multi-room puzzles similar to the ones found in Cyber-Lasso, the excellent Space Cowboy Jam entry by Alan Hazelden. Players will have to traverse back and forth between rooms regularly, solving the sort of challenges that require some planning in advance.

Adventurous iOS Picks: Blackwell Legacy, Unbound and Convergence

July 22, 2014 6:30 AM | Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome

BlackwellIOS.pngThree of the finest and arguably most important indie point-and-click adventures have finally made it on Apple's App Store and you, oh tasteful adventurers, can now enjoy Wadjet Eye's terrific Blackwell Legacy, Blackwell Unbound and Blackwell Convergence from the portable comfort of your touch-screen. Mind you, the games run equally well on iPhones and iPads, look lovelier than ever and your meetings with the ghostly Joey and a pixelated New York still provide all the intrigue, puzzles and fine storytelling the PC versions offered.

Trailer Roundup: A variety of platformers, some RPGs, and more

July 21, 2014 10:25 AM | Lena LeRay


Today's trailer roundup features a multiplayer action RPG shooter, a space tunnel game with mechanics reminiscent of Super Hexagon, a gorgeous platformer about a hunter turned into prey, a retro-inspired action platformer, a tactical RPG with destructible environments that pays homage to classic games, an isometric tactical RPG with anime style and mature themes, a three-color first-person horror game, a Vita-exclusive platformer with unusual mechanics, a free and slow-paced platformer about community, and a game about ghosts beating each other up on stage.

Sokobond, a chemistry lesson/puzzle game, is out today on Steam

July 21, 2014 5:48 AM | Michael Rose

I had to slap myself in the face this week, when I discovered that the glorious Sokoban passed me by last year. It's a lovely puzzle game about chemical bonds, in which you shift atoms around small spaces in a bid to connect them all up.

It's very clever stuff, and it quickly gets to the point of making you want to reach into the screen and break the game with your bare fists, as such additional ideas are introduced as breaking bonds, doubling up on bonds, and pushing Helium around. The game is out today on Steam, so if you're the kind of person who only buys games via Valve (or you missed it first time around like me), you totally need to grab Sokobond today.

Bacon Man takes his fight to reclaim the vaunted Meat Throne to Kickstarter

July 20, 2014 2:45 AM | Anthony Swinnich


Food-based heroes are something of a rarity in gaming, though the few that exist are well-loved. Whether it's through the Chef tasked with tackling giant killer hot dogs in Burgertime, the waitress in Diner Dash or those lovable scamps in M.C. Kids, gamers have long since valued the tradition of mixing food with gaming. Bacon Man is the latest food-based action platformer, being made to order on Kickstarter.

Free keys for Life Goes On, Hive, and AI War: Fleet Command

July 18, 2014 1:05 PM | Staff

FreekeyFridaysWeek49.jpgIndieGames and Interabang Entertainment bring you another awesome FreekeyFridays which means another chance to win a set of cool indie games. Freekeyfridays was created as a way to garner exposure for indies through giving away a mix of well-known indie games and up-and-coming titles. This week's games are Life Goes On, Hive, and AI War: Fleet Command.

There are two ways to win this week.

Fly through the air with the greatest of ease in A Story About My Uncle

July 18, 2014 9:00 AM | Lena LeRay


A Story About My Uncle is a first person platformer set in a a bedtime story about a boy adventuring through a strange world on a search for his uncle. The game first debuted in 2012 as a freeware prototype. Since then, developer Gone North Games has made it prettier, added more areas, improved the voice acting, and fine tuned the controls to make for an excellent game about exploring a fantasy land by hurtling through the air in all directions.

Three Fourths Home: A narrative-driven drive

July 18, 2014 6:19 AM | Michael Rose

If you're into your Twine games and text-based, story-driven experiences in general, Three Fourths Home may well do it for you. It's the story of Kelly, a young woman who has moved back in with her parents and found herself a bit stuck with what to do next in life. Now she's been caught in a storm, and Three Fourths Home is all about driving back through the storm, while on the phone to your family.

While there are different choices to make in the dialogue, it's all fairly linear and your choices don't seem to have a great deal of impact. Having said that, the scrolling visual alongside the story, and the feeling that you're pushing the car onwards through the rain, had a real impact for me. You might want to see if it does something for you too.

Demo Pick: Highway of Tears (Tim Hengeveld)

July 18, 2014 2:00 AM | Tim

highwayt.pngHighway of Tears is a 2D adventure game with a story based on a series of real missing person cases, all which happened along a stretch of highway in British Columbia, Canada. Inspired by games like Kentucky Route Zero and Detective Grimoire, Tim has spent four weeks on designing, programming, and drawing everything to be found in the short demo that's available now for download.

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