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Robots Must Die! Dual Core Out On PC And Wii U

May 26, 2016 1:38 PM | Thomas Faust

Dual Core-1.jpg

Dual Core is a vibrant, futuristic, twin-stick style shooter that has you playing as a super-intelligent AI core stuck in the body of an outdated security drone. Shoot your way through a spaceship overrun by evil robot hordes, find out what happened to the human crew and make a lot of stuff go boom. The game is built around a solid co-op experience and allows up to four players to play together... or battle against each other. If you have no friends on hand, your robot buddy Corby joins you in the campaign. He has the tendency to stand in your way quite a bit, but he comes in handy when there are puzzles to be solved or unfriendly robots to be atomized.

There's a surprising amount of content to be found here. While the campaign is slower-paced, with a bunch of puzzles and cutscenes thrown in for good measure, arcade mode is an all-out fast-paced arena shootfest. It's a lot of fun and worth the price of admission all by itself! Just consider campaign and versus modes the icing on this colorful, explodey cake. The relatively slow projectiles take some getting used to, and sometimes there's a bit of slowdown, but overall, Dual Core is excellent stuff for fans or retro-style twin stick shooters!

Enlist Online Allies to Brave the Challenges of EPOCH

May 26, 2016 7:00 AM | Joel Couture


EPOCH's dangerous worlds are meant to teach as they mercilessly beat on players. The top-down action game, which mingles inspirations from The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Dark Souls, will show players how best to approach a given situation by killing them as they explore the game's areas, making them pick up gameplay tricks as they pick up on bits of storyline from characters and the environments.

The game's harsh world, which you'll be able to try on May 22, isn't without kindness. Players can bring in online companions to help them out in combat and hopefully not screw them over in some unexpected way. You know, since online folks tend to always be helpful. Still, maybe they can play nice for a little bit while you explore lost cities and old dungeons, working together to take down enemies while singing songs about friendship. It could happen! At least the exploring part.

Create Life With Tyto Ecology

May 25, 2016 4:03 PM | Thomas Faust

Tyto Ecology-1.jpg

It's been a while since we last reported on Tyto Ecology, part educational simulation, part relaxing biological sandbox. The game has since been released on iOS and Steam and it allows you to create and manage your own ecosystems in small, self-contained "biodomes." The goal is to create rich, densely populated biodomes, based on life science principles, but of course you can just experiment to your heart's content instead.

The basic idea is to populate your biodomes with producers, consumers, and decomposers (such as plants, herbivores, carnivores, and fungi) without upsetting the delicate balance that keeps the ecosystem running. Introduce too many specimens of one particular kind into the system, and other parts might suffer or even collapse entirely. Tyto Ecology rewards experimentation and biodiversity and lets you unlock more organisms with time.

Everybody's Gone To The Robocalypse: Scrap Garden

May 24, 2016 10:09 AM | Thomas Faust


Little Canny is getting a bit rusty around the joints, so he's having his battery changed. Next thing he knows, his city is a bleak, desolate place, his robot buddies are all lifeless rust buckets, and he's the only robot left. This is how Flazm's cute platformer Scrap Garden begins. Of course, Canny needs to explore the robot world in order to find out what caused all of this and restore life to his city

Inspired by several famous console platforming franchises from days gone by, the game has you collecting diamonds and other whatsits, bop things on the head, and solve some easy puzzles on the way. It might lack the masterful execution of the games it tries to emulate, but Scrap Garden is still a neat and charming platformer. Granted, it feels a little rough around the edges and the voiced cutscenes would have greatly benefited from a livelier performance as well as some tighter writing. However, if some light platforming is what you're after, then look no further. Scrap Garden is just like its protagonist: it may look a little dented, but its heart is definitely in the right place.

One Jam To Rule Them All: The 2016 Adventure Jam

May 23, 2016 9:00 AM | Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome

Advjam.pngWith an amazing 164 games on offer, an illustrious panel of judges comprising Natalia Figueroa of Fran Bow fame, inkle's Joseph Humphrey, Patrick Ewing of Campo Santo, and the creator of Dropsy Jay Tholen, a wonderful community, an excellent selection of resources for would-be creators, and a lovely voting system, one simply has to at least check the Adventure Jam 2016 out. And one has to thank organizers Cassie Benter and Stacy Davidson, as well as the legion of artists and developers who just provided us with a wondrous menagerie of free games.

What follows are a few suggestions to get you started; some of the best #AdvJam2016 entries I've played so far. Keep in mind though that I have so far merely scratched the surface of this rich and impressively varied selection of games.

WOLFLAME Is A New Doujin Shooting Star

May 23, 2016 3:08 AM | Thomas Faust


Nyu Media has been tirelessly bringing fine Japanese shoot 'em ups to western audiences for a while now, and their latest release, Astro Port's vertical shooter WOLFLAME, is no different. Reminiscent of genre classics such as Aleste, Twin Cobra, or Raiden in particular, WOLFLAME pits you against an alien robotic army in defense of your home world, before taking the fight to the enemy. While your ship's cannon is pretty weak, you can pick up a pair of upgradable satellite drones with varied attack styles that multiply your firepower.

With 10 varied stages, each one featuring a big, bad boss fight at the end, the game has a lot to offer. Four difficulty levels, a practice mode, achievements, and leaderboards should be enough to keep you playing for a while. You're even allowed to save your game, which is something of a rarity in this genre.

Undead Darlings Mixes RPGS & Visual Novels For Half-Zombie Fun

May 21, 2016 8:00 AM | Joel Couture


Reggie Happenstahnce finds himself in a rough spot after awakening to a zombie outbreak in Undead Darlings, a mixture of visual novel and RPG. Luckily, a group of half-zombie ladies take him under their wing, keeping him safe during the game's combat as they work together to find a cure, some useful loot, and maybe even a bit of romance along the way.

While exploring this ruined new world, players can chat with the other women, learning more about them and their pasts. They'll learn even more if they select those characters, many drawn from classic archetypes that the developers flesh out with deep backstories, and bring them in their active combat party for a given dungeon. Nothing makes a couple grow closer than killing evil eggs and living ashtrays together, right? Well, making the women do the killing, as Reggie is more suited for a lugging role. But Reggie's father does have an experimental antivirus, so he's kinda handy for them to have around.

Love and turn-based monster smashing coming together. It's beautiful, really.

Dino Run DX Introduces The Ultimate Indie-Mashup

May 20, 2016 10:09 AM | Thomas Faust

dinorun.pngDino Run has been out for a few years, but thanks to an innovative crowdfunding campaign that doesn't rely on third party website support, developer Pixeljam have been steadily adding content to the game. The latest update, dubbed The Indie Collection, is somewhat of an anomaly in the indie world, though. 60 characters from various indie games make their cameo appearance in the game in the form of hats & heads, all of which have been officially approved by the respective developers. That's some kind of indie game royalty meetup going on there!

Clumsy Moose Season Lets Players Build Interactive (and Dangerous) Playgrounds For Dumb Moose Friends

May 20, 2016 7:00 AM | Joel Couture


It's moose season, but everyone's too stupid to notice as they construct motorcycle parks, shopping kart races, lethal saw-filled arenas, and pajama parties for the dopey moose people of Clumsy Moose Season, a sandbox building/action game out now on Steam Early Access.

Players are able to build a variety of arenas and playparks for the moose people, dictating rules and layouts while the other players are messing around the stages that are being constructed. What kind of park they wish to build is entirely up to the player, as they can build fighting arenas as easily as they can just create racetracks or houses. Players can also choose what sort of play style each map will use, freeing them to add combat or lighthearted elements as they see fit. Will you send them to Hell or just chop down some trees? That's all up to you and the group of players you bring to the game.

A Heartbreaking Game - Liyla and The Shadows Of War

May 19, 2016 12:35 PM | John Bridgman

Released on mobile devices recently, Liyla & the Shadows of War is a very simple game, based on actual events of war in Gaza. Made by Rasheed Abueidah, this mobile game is powerful and heartfelt, and in every way worth your time to play.

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